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pb_daily's Journal

Prison Break Daily
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All Members , Moderated

Prison Break Daily


Welcome to the first livejournal community
dedicated to bringing you as many pictures
from Fox's brand new series Prison Break
as we can. This can and will include all promo
pictures, screen and episode captures, and
any artwork you feel like showing off for
the world to see.

as of right now, the comm is under construction,
but feel free to join and begin posting. I only
ask that you follow the set rules.


[x]Only posting of Prison Break related material
is allowed.

[x]I'm not currently setting a size limitation
on images, unless we have trouble. Please,
just be courteous and put overly-large images
behind a cut... spoiler images for recent or
upcoming episodes also pertain to this rule.

[x]Be polite. This means treating all fellow
community members with the utmost respect.
No cursing or bashing here.

[x]have fun!